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Baby Name – Speaking just like a Michael (a Hebrew name, meaning “Who’s like God”), I’m really pleased with my name. But that we – mostly – satisfy the title! Clearly, my mother would definitely disagree With my opinion the old saying “little demon” would definitely pass her lips if she was describing me during many stages of my childhood.

However, my mother has her issues apparently her name (Kathleen) can be a Celtic name meaning “Little Darling”. Hmmm, that doesn’t generate earnings familiar with considering her during individuals regular occasions when she was punishing me within my “nothing beats God” behaviour…!

And that’s the baby name meanings – parents make naming decisions based on many, a number of reasons, including family traditions, religion, culture, uniqueness and “it really sounds great.” But – inside the Western world – we rarely cause real research to the history or real idea of baby names. When the poor peopleOrfortunate child finally finds out this really is of his/her “great sounding” name, the final results might be interesting, ironic, unfortunate or just sometimes amusing.

You will have a lot of fun considering family/buddies names, finding the meanings and working to make a connection forward and backward. For example, my earliest brother Clive appears like it’s “a higher high cliff occupant”, that’s coincidental since he lives near the top of a very extended steep hill! Or why not play in the game with celebrities – consider the next:

Badu (just like r n’b singer Erykah Badu): African name meaning “Tenth born child”

Winona (just like actress Winona Ryder): Sioux name meaning “Firstborn daughter”

Aaliyah (the late r n’b singer): Arabic name meaning “High, exalted”

Hilary (just like actresses Duff/Swank): Latin name meaning “Cheerful”

Some cultures have very worthwhile traditions in relation to baby name meanings. For example, Hindu names will frequently have connections with very positive products like truth, beauty, happiness, benefits, etc, or one of the Hindu gods. Inside the Sikh culture, women typically hold the middle or surname “Kaur”, meaning “Princess”, even though the boys hold the middle or surname “Singh”, meaning “Lion”.

An African friend once noticed that plenty of Africans receive another name similar to your day which they were born. In my opinion is an extremely nice tradition, in my situation, my middle name might be “Sondo” (born on Sunday)!! Hmmmm…

Whatever type of name you have selected, or are intending to for that “bundle of enjoyment”, its worth doing some online research to the meaning. Which is never been simpler, while using insightful Internet sources and books available, including my own, the personal site at, that’s jam-filled with sources, tips, and understanding on baby names, baby name meanings and baby products.

Your quest may yield some surprises, for example, the stunning-sounding name “Malory” is French and means “Misfortune”. You will get around this by spelling it “Mallory”, however, this means “Without fortune” in Old German!

Alternatively, you may finish off somewhat confused by different meanings of the status for instance “Leah” can be a beautiful girl’s name, what’s going to it mean? Well…

“In Hebrew what this means is “Cow” or “Weary one” – uugghhh!

“In Greek what this means is “Glad tidings”

“In Assyrian, what this means is “Mistress, ruler”

Plus a final warning: if you are intending to select an awesome, unusual-sounding name, make certain to prevent “Bacia,” – its Ugandan meaning is “Family deaths destroyed the home!”

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